Saving Grace Homeschool International is Africa's leading International Online Homeschool

Saving Grace Homeschool International  is a complete interactive Online Homeschool that offer International Curriculums such as the British International(Cambridge Curriculum)

We welcome learners from across the world. Rather than travelling to school to study Saving Grace Homeschool International  comes to you, wherever you are, through our specialised online learning portal. We are able to offer you everything you need to achieve academic success… plus a whole lot more!

Our entire Online Homeschool Curriculum is created by our expert, experienced teachers whose passion for their subject is matched by their motivation and energy to see every student succeed.

Our dedicated pastoral teachers are always available to support learners in whatever way best suits the individual and our Online Homeschool Leadership Team are always on hand for guidance and advice.

We offer our students the best and most interactive International Online Homeschool Curriculum created by our teachers, no unwanted distractions, no bullying or intimidation, state of the art technology, the largest archive of video lessons by qualified International teachers, easy catch-up and targeted revision.

No other Online Homeschool can boast this.

World-Class Education Learning Management System

All of these advantages mean that our pupils enjoy a world-class education and maximise their time to study to achieve academic success.

We offer our students the best International Online Homeschool Curriculums where student can study at their own space and write assessment when they absolutely ready to be tested.

Our International Online Homeschool Curriculum offers students flexibility and the opportunities to discover their own study mechanism to achieve academic success.